Happy Birthday Tatum!

I wish we could be there to celebrate with you, but we have a big dinner and "whatever you want" day planned when we get back. Happy 6th Birthday Tatum! We have watched you grow into such a beautiful, smart, and funny girl. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for you.

We Made It!

Thank you for your safe-travel prayers! We made it to Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center- Twentynine Palms! Right now we are staying in the billeting that the Marine Corps assigned Shannon, and it's not so bad! The room is clean, and HUGE! There is plenty of space for us to set up shop here, and we will be fine while Shannon is working. My friend did offer her place up, but with Addie sleeping through the night and Jo in a new place, I didn't want to disturb their sleep. Here's what we are dealing with:

Not so bad right!? From what my friends at home were telling me, I was expecting something run-down and musty, but this is nicer than some of the hotels I've had to stay in while traveling for the GOP. Not to shabby, I hope the rest of the trip follows this precedence.

Twentynine Palms

We are headed out to Twentynine Palms, California to visit my best friend while Shannon attends some training for work. Most people don't have much good to say of 29 Palms, but I think getting out of the house and allowing a change of scenery for Jo will be healthy. Because of my exhaustion, and refusal to wear anything but yoga pants, the kids and I have been inside/ at home most everyday for the past month. So... this business trip Shannon has to go on will be a great excuse to take a mini family vacation. Like I said 29 Palms isn't the typical destination that most think of when booking a family vacation, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Plus, my best friend lives there and she is in desperate need of socialization. Twentynine Palms is a city in the middle of the California desert that revolves around the Marine Corps base out there. I have never been, but from what I hear, there's not much to do out there besides roast in the sun, take in the warm, sloppy stench of the water treatment facility, and if you're feeling brave, build sand castles. I will let you know how it goes, but I better get to packing. We will be gone two weeks, and with two small children I can even begin to think of all the gear we are going to have to load up... and worse, unload. Please pray for our safe travels (we will be driving the 3 hours from home to there). Pictures to come soon!

BOB Stroller!

Another RV of a stroller, but boy does this one drive like a Lexus! It's so smooth. I had the single BOB before the Duallie, and I have to say I am impressed with how smooth it is for being so big. I was skeptical, but running and walking with this thing is amazing. It definitely makes a jog a lot harder than running without a stroller, but if I had to run with the kids, and I do, I would only do it with this. 
We took the kids on a walk this morning and although it was too big to take into Starbucks, it was perfect for tackling the trails at the park. I cannot wait for Addie to be big enough to ride without being in her car seat though. Overall, it is a HUGE stroller, but it's perfect for both kids and tackling tough terrain. Link for purchasing in previous post. 

Mommy Makeover in a Box

Got the go ahead from the doctors to start pumping some iron, and my Mommy Makeover came today. 
Details below:

  1. BOB Revolition Duallie Stroller, Black - $536.00 (Amazon Prime)
  2. BOSU Balance Trainer - $109.00 (Target)
  3. GAIAM Balance Bal Kit - $19.99 (Amazon Prime)
  4. TRX FORCE Tactical Kit - $299.99 (Amazon Prime) *I got mine for free. My husband is a Marine and while he was deployed in Afghanistan they gave him this kit. I would buy it regardless though, it's awesome. 
  5. New Balance Sport Armband iPhone- $23.00 (Amazon)
  6. BOB Infant Carseat Adapter Duallie- $70.00 (Amazon Prime)
  7. BOB Handlebar Console Duallie- $29.00 (Amazon Prime)
Pray for me... opening the boxes and setting up the equipment is a workout in itself.

One Month Old

She's one month! Where did the time go? Here is a teaser from her photoshoot. When I get the pictures back I will share the details and some of my favorites.


Growing up my sister was my best friend and worst enemy. It is a bond that all little girls deserve. It is so heartwarming to see my daughter love her little sister. It reminds me of the times I played with, got in trouble, and fought with my sister. Those memories are ones to be cherished forever and being able to see my own children make those memories is priceless. Love your daughters, not because John Mayer told us to, but because they truly are precious beings. 

First "Official" Family Outing With #3

We braved the zoo with three little ones. They woke us up bright and early to get there. Overall, it was a fantastic day. Have I mentioned how blessed I am lately....? 
Photo: Morning wake up call! ☀️



Happy Birthday Husband!

Minus points for me for not baking the actual cupcakes, (blame the late night feedings), but Happy Birthday to the best, most loving, hottest, smartest, and funniest guy I know. You are THE BEST husband and father we could pray for. Here's to another year love! 

Two Weeks & Feeling Brave

Addie is two weeks old and I've never been more tired in my life. Having a 1 year old and a 2 week old is BY FAR one of the hardest things I've ever done. The lack of sleep is debilitating. I have been so 
 fortunate to have the help friends and family to make my days easier. From brining me freezer meals, babysitting, and just an ear to vent to, I could not be more thankful. You think after two weeks of being at home with no sleep, the first thing I would want to do is go to bed. But now that the the laundry is caught up and the floors aren't sticky, I realized Jo and I are going stir crazy in the house. Today was our first day out on the town, just the three of us and it took a little more time getting in and out of the house, but it was so worth it.

I'm starting to worry about juggling my time between both babies. They are both at an age where they are so dependent on me and need my full attention, that I am not sure I will be able to do it. Friends I have talked to who have a similar age difference between children have said you'll get the hang of it, hopefully that will come sooner than later. Right now Jo isn't jealous yet, but knowing his demeanor, I expect it soon. For now I am just trying to make sure he keeps his diaper on and food on his tray, and distract him with Disney Jr. 

Addison is starting to make eye contact more and she's quite the looker. She's adorable when she's sleeping, but now that she's opening her eyes more I am even more amazed by her beauty. Speaking of Addie... she beckons for a bottle. Until next time....