BOB Stroller!

Another RV of a stroller, but boy does this one drive like a Lexus! It's so smooth. I had the single BOB before the Duallie, and I have to say I am impressed with how smooth it is for being so big. I was skeptical, but running and walking with this thing is amazing. It definitely makes a jog a lot harder than running without a stroller, but if I had to run with the kids, and I do, I would only do it with this. 
We took the kids on a walk this morning and although it was too big to take into Starbucks, it was perfect for tackling the trails at the park. I cannot wait for Addie to be big enough to ride without being in her car seat though. Overall, it is a HUGE stroller, but it's perfect for both kids and tackling tough terrain. Link for purchasing in previous post.