About Me

I'm Christine, a SAHM whose floors are never clean enough, windows are forever streaky, and kids are permanently messy. I live in Southern California with my husband (Shannon), and children (Tatum-5, Alex "Jo"- 1, and Addie-Infant). My husband is a U.S. Marine Officer and much of our life "based" around his job- home is where the Marine Corps takes us. In 2008 I started a political and personal blog about my life as a young politico, but since then so much has changed that it was time for a new blog. The Ashley Abode is about my faith, family, and friends. It may not make sense to my following who don't personally know me, but life rarely ever makes sense?! This is all about capturing and memorializing the important things in my life. From kids, to marriage, to even food, I have a lot to be thankful for, and because of God's blessings, I will keep posting in praise to Him. Myself and my family have a lot of growing to do and we would love for you to watch us grow!