This Son

I will never get tired of this smile and laugh. He is getting so big. Make time stop please.
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One Week

I can't believe it's been one week since Addie was born. We are so tired, but so filled with love. I can't help by watch her sleep when I should be sleeping too. I'm sorry for the overload of baby pictures, but I can't contain myself.

Rollin' With Our Homies

Photo: Went for a walk to get some much needed fresh air with our RV of a stroller- so weird to be pushing two!
Check out our RV of a stroller. I had to get out of the house and get moving so we went for a light stroll around our neighborhood. This was the first time we used our stroller as double. After numerous attempts to find the perfect everyday stroller, we found it! For me it was about accessibility in stores and in my trunk. I wanted to find something tandem because being the uncoordinated person I am, I have trouble getting side-by-side strollers in out and out aisles in stores. So with its countless seating configurations, the Baby Jogger City Select stroller was my go to!

This stroller offers 16 different configurations. The frame also comes in a matte black, the seats themselves come in a variety of colors, and the list of accessories you can add on our awesome. It is thin enough to navigate through the most crowded of stores, yet roomy enough for each child to nap comfortably. To see a full detailed review, with specs and ratings, check out the Amazon reviews. At first I was a little intimidated with the amount of options the City Select offered, but after playing with it a little bit, it was really easy to learn, and even easier to use.

The best part about this stroller is you can purchase it as a single and buy the second seat, and other accessories as you go. At a whopping $700 for the brand new double configuration, this stroller is a investment, so the flexibility of buying as you go is a huge turn on for some parents. For a single set-up brand new, you're looking at $400. Now with a little bit of bargain hunting and patience, I've seen friends get this stroller via Amazon and E-bay brand new for up to 20-30% off!

With the tons of options out there for strollers, this is by far my favorite everyday stroller. If you're on the hunt for a new stroller, I hope this helps!

Love Thy Neighbor

"Love Thy Neighbor"

The bible tells us to love thy neighbor, and I have never felt more loved from my own neighbors and friends. Coming home from the hospital has been a total adjustment and the outpour of graciousness has been insurmountable. The Lord has blessed us with this family He allowed me to create, but the friends he's put in my life are a true testament of His love for me. I am feeling the love for sure. Thank you so much to all my friends who gave us a warm welcome from the hospital, are making meals for us and continue to offer support. Most of all thank you for your prayers for a healthy baby girl. He answered. 
Mark 12:31

Boy Meets Girl

We are home! I am so filled joy. My family is complete.  Jo met Addie at the hospital but was more excited about seeing his parents because he was at Grandma's for two days. Now that we are home, they really have a chance to meet and bond. Seeing them together brings tears to my eyes. The love I feel for my children is unexplainable. I hate to be stereotypical, but I truly understands how it feels now when my mom told me I would never understand a mother's love until I had children of my own. I know the days to come will be tiring and long, but I would trade the fatigue, overwhelmingness, and sacrifice for the world.

Jo took to Addie very well. We were so surprised at how soft he was with her. We told him to be gentle, but at 18 months old, we didn't expect to see such a loving nature. He was even protective, pointing at my mom to not touch 'his baby' at the hospital. I cannot wait to see them grow together. Having them this close together will be hard at times; I was told to expect a lot of fights and jealousy issues. But I was also told that siblings this close in age usually play well together too. I hope the latter happens more. Until then, I am just enjoying them the way they are. I know that today will be the last day they are this small, for tomorrow they will be bigger and it will be a moment I never get back.

Now that we are home the reality of having two under the age of two has not fully hit me. I know I had nine months to prepare for this, but now that it is here, I have yet to soak it in. Perhaps once my family leaves and the extra hands disappear, I will realize it. I just pray that aside from changing diapers, feedings, laundry and bath time, that my I can care for my children in the way the deserve. I pray that God will guide me in preserving their innocence yet maturing their wisdom. I pray He will give me the tools and patience to have my children rise up and call me blessed (Proverbs 31:28). I am very far from the Superwoman of Proverbs 31, but I strive to be an ounce of what she is for my God, my husband, and my wonderful children. 

Settling In

A few days home from the hospital now... so very tired... posts won't be as consistent because of the craziness of both babies and getting settled into a routine- or shall I saw attempting to find a routine. Until then, enjoy these...

He's Off!

Well I can officially say we have a runner on our hands. It took a while for Jo to actually feel comfortable with walking, but he got it down! Just time to help me when little sister arrives, or just in time to give me a 'run' for my money when little sister arrives. The latter is more likely, but I am so proud of him for finally finding his bearings and taking off.



3 More Weeks

37 Weeks Today! I am... OVER.... IT! Hopefully she will come soon... 
Photo: 37 weeks! Ready to go!