Baby Girl's Shower

Thank you so much to my sister, aunt and mom, who threw me an adorable baby shower amongst amidst the chaos of the holidays. Blessed,  upon blessed are we for such great family.
Photo: My Girls  #bffs #phamladies #latergram @lvukhac @christiashley @kimtran2

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. 
We hope your homes are filled with love, laughter, and joy. 
Let us rejoice for our savior is born! 

41 More Days!

41 more days until Lil Sis is here to play. I am definitely over the constant trips to the bathroom, sleepless nights, and kicks in the ribs.

0 for 2 on Santa!

So we are 0-2 on Santa... looks like all my kids so far are terrified of St. Nick! They say third time's a charm right, maybe next Christmas season, Baby #3 won't be so mortified. LOL 


We've been gearing up for the holidays and BIG things have happened in the past two weeks. Jo started walking, (first assisted and then he took a few steps alone)! It happened at Shannon's work in the hallway and since then he's slowly becoming more trustworthy of his own feet. Tatum lost her first tooth and is quite the little baker! She's been my assistant in the kitchen and loves it. She and Shannon also went on a father-daughter date to see a movie. We are trying to make individual time for each of our children because we know when Baby #3 gets here it will be harder to do. It's been hectic around here, but at the end of the night we take a deep breath, wonder how we do it all, and smile.... Take a look: