Twentynine Palms

We are headed out to Twentynine Palms, California to visit my best friend while Shannon attends some training for work. Most people don't have much good to say of 29 Palms, but I think getting out of the house and allowing a change of scenery for Jo will be healthy. Because of my exhaustion, and refusal to wear anything but yoga pants, the kids and I have been inside/ at home most everyday for the past month. So... this business trip Shannon has to go on will be a great excuse to take a mini family vacation. Like I said 29 Palms isn't the typical destination that most think of when booking a family vacation, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Plus, my best friend lives there and she is in desperate need of socialization. Twentynine Palms is a city in the middle of the California desert that revolves around the Marine Corps base out there. I have never been, but from what I hear, there's not much to do out there besides roast in the sun, take in the warm, sloppy stench of the water treatment facility, and if you're feeling brave, build sand castles. I will let you know how it goes, but I better get to packing. We will be gone two weeks, and with two small children I can even begin to think of all the gear we are going to have to load up... and worse, unload. Please pray for our safe travels (we will be driving the 3 hours from home to there). Pictures to come soon!