Happy Fourth of July! (Plus OOTD)

Happy 4th of July!!! Even if the Continental Congress and Framers are rolling in their graves. Here's to what's left of capitalism and freedom, but mostly cheers and thanks to the men and women who fought and fight for it! Land of the free, because of the brave! I've always known our country needs prayer, but after working in politics I realized we need it now more than ever. There has been a lot of unorthodox and questionable action, and even inaction, from Congress and the Executive lately. Arguably speaking, they have compromised or infringed upon the very liberties they swore to uphold.  Proverbs 11:14 says, "where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety." So, today I pray extra fervently that our nations leader will seek guidance from the ultimate counselor- God when governing our nation. Today I hope you can also take a moment and really contemplate freedom- what it means to you, what we've had to sacrifice for it, and how blessed we are because of it. Happy Independence Day y'all, be safe, have fun and be free!

We spent the day at a friends house for a laid back BBQ and pool day. Our friends are ones that we've made through the Marine Corps and they have a tiny little boy who I adore. He is about 3 months younger than Addie and his mom and I already pinning their wedding. He is pictured below, one look at him and you'll fall in love too. Shannon took Jo to see fireworks later on in the night and I stayed back with Addie and my future son-in-law and his mom. Overall it was just a chill day which is exactly what we needed. I somehow managed to not get any pictures of Jo, probably because he was running around everywhere.
This is one of Addie's outfits for the day. Nana Pat sent it all the way from Chicago. I believe it is all from Target. I absolutely adore the sandals! She kicked them off soon after I put them on her, but they are just too cute. The bow was custom made by a friend of mine. She makes all sorts of bows and they are to die for! They are reasonably priced and can be as extravagant or subdued as you'd like.  Stay tuned for a review on all the bows Addie has gotten from her, but until then you can check our her site at Bowtastic Bows
I did the best I could with my red, white, and blue attire, but I was just too hot and so unmotivated this year. I blame my lack of enthusiasm to dress myself on all my efforts being focused on the children's outfits. I managed to pull something together though: 
  • BOTTOM: Old floral shorts from Forever 21 (circa 2012), sorry I've had them so long I don't think they sell these exact ones anymore, but I have found similar ones for under $20 there 
  • TOP: Flowy crop top from Target it was only $12.99 
  • BRACELETS: Alex and Ani each bangle ranges from $25.00 and, my Ashley Bridget bracelet in Journey $48.00 . 
  • SLING: Sakura Bloom in Marine $88.00, my partial review for this can be found on my 'Summer 2014' post. 

Here is that little boy I was telling you about! Is he not the most squeezable, kissable, huggable, pinchable, little stud you've ever seen. He is almost 3 months and smiling like crazy! I like to look at the picture above and think he was pretending to sleep for the camera because no one can look this pensive sleeping!

Addie's last OOTD was a tankini from Target sent by Nana Pat in Chicago as well. It fit her perfect and although she didn't swim, she looked adorable next to her betrothed lounging by the pool. It was a gift, but to give you deets, the suit is $12.00 and ranges from sizes 6mo-4T, again sold at Target. Thank you again Nana Pat! You always send the cutest stuff. 

All in all it was a great day. Shannon did have some studying he had to do, which was a bummer, but that wasn't enough to damper all the blessings throughout our day. Thank you so much to our friends for hosting us and allowing my son to drool, spill, and who knows what else around your house. I really hope everyone else's holiday was just as great!