Change of Command/ Hail and Farewell

Today was Shannon's Change of Command ceremony and our last Hail and Farewell Dinner with Delta Company. He will be moving on to a different unit at Camp Pendleton and the hugs and laughs shared tonight were definitely bittersweet. For the past three years our family has made friends with so many others at the School of Infantry and we will take those memories and friendships wherever the Marine Corps sends us. After two moves, two babies, and a lot of lessons learned, we are excited to start a new chapter and are so blessed that God is allowing us to stay local for this page turning. 

We are so proud of you Shannon! You work so hard to provide for our family. We know the Marines of Delta are losing a great Commander, but they have gained so much by being able to work with you. Hearing their praises of you tonight is no surprise to me. I know the man you are and I am so blessed to call you mine.