Happy Thanksgiving!

Shannon leading some of the Marines during the "Home Hospitality" event.

Our Turkey Day will be postponed until tomorrow, but I wish you all the best to you and yours. Shannon volunteered to take duty today for his Marines and it turned out to be very rewarding. Through an AYMCA program called "Home Hospitality," he got to see hundreds of single Marines off to foster families for the holiday. The Marines were treated to limos, party buses, and even luxury car rides to have Thanksgiving dinner with a host family. Although I didn’t get to be with my own Marine today, I am so thankful for all the families who adopted a Marine to celebrate this time of thanks. Hope in America restored! :) 

Again, I hope you have wonderful Thanksgiving and please say a prayer for all the uniformed service-members who sacrifice time away from their families so that you can spend time with yours.