Two Birthdays

Last weekend we celebrated my 25th birthday and the Marine Corps' 238th Birthday!
Our annual 'official' photo 
I am so fortunate to be able to share my birthday with the Marine Corps; it gives me the opportunity to feel fabulous. (Although this year it was a little hard to get into the glamour with a 7 month protruding pregnant belly). Every year my husband takes me to the Marine Corps Ball and there we celebrate the birth of America's greatest fighting force. All the Marines are dressed handsomely in their dress blues uniform and they are usually accompanied by their beautiful wives, girlfriends, and significant others in formal elegant ball gowns. It's the Oscars of the military, and its amazing!

This year the ball was in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel & Casino, and when Shannon told me this, I was upset. Not just because I am 7months pregnant, but because I've never been a "Vegas-type" girl, (if there is such a thing), or at least I thought I was not the Vegas-type. From my understanding, Las Vegas was about indecencies, greed, and vulgar sex, all things which aren't high on my to-do/ bucket list.
However, Shannon assured me my birthday was not ruined, because we could "do Vegas tastefully."
Trusting him I prepared for our trip. Shannon had set up a wonderful weekend with fancy dinners and amazing seats at the 'O' show in the Bellagio. Once I heard this, I was excited and couldn't wait to get to Vegas! We dropped Jo off with my grandmother and Mom in Murrieta for the weekend. I was so nervous to leave Jo (we've never left him overnight with anyone), but now looking back it was harder on me than on him- he had a great time! After sneaking away from him, we sped off to the desert to ring in my quarter-century birthday and the Marine Corps' 238th. 

Bliss in all its grandeur
To my surprise, I had one of the best times of my life! I ate everything- that was my indulgence, not money or sex, but food! I have don't have a sweet tooth, I have a sweet mouth, head, and heart, so seeing the amazing restaurants- especially desserts- I was in heaven. Yes, I still saw the trashy, immoral side of Vegas but my husband delivered exactly what he said he would- a glamorous, tasteful, memorable birthday weekend. A part of me didn't want to leave, but I was excited to get back to our son, who I thought, by then wouldn't remember who we were. My mom insisted we stay another night and enjoy ourselves, but I as kid-sick and wanted to spend sometime with our son for my birthday too. Looking back my perspective on Vegas has changed and although I'm weary of it, I know there are things to like. I am so grateful and blessed for last weekend and I will never forget it.

Take a look:
Showing off my hot birthday date
7 Months! Only 10 weeks to go
My birthday suit for 'O' and dinner

Cocktail hour
Logan and I 
Us... again :) 
The Delta Company Leadership