No Ice Cream, No Groceries- But We are Whole

Photo: We are whole! ❤️
We are whole. Big Sis is finally in town for Summer break. Our home becomes so much more lively with her around. Even the most frustrating situations become an afterthought when she is here... I loaded up all three kids into a hot car with a promise of ice cream upon good behavior at the grocery store and after countless efforts to start my car we headed back inside, defeated.

As soon as we get in the house Tatum has the idea to just pray really hard and God wills start the car. Oh how I love her so much. I hope her Philippians 4:13 mentality never fades. There are times when I wonder if I fail her as a mom because we are blended family and I miss so much when she is not here, but moments like today make me realize I am doing just fine.

Thank you God for a daughter who loves you, trust you and loves learning about you. I pray that she grows to be everything you want her to be. At this age I don't know if she truly understands everything you are, but after what she said today, I realize perhaps it is I who does not truly know you like she does.