Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Cheers to all my fellow military spouses out there! Loving a service member is not easy, and today America salutes you. Trying to keep our sanity while, maintaing the home front is a tough battle and without you America would not be what it is. The support you give your service member and the sacrifices you make is a lifeblood to the morale of those on the front lines. Your constant sacrifices do not go unnoticed and America appreciates you. Heaven knows we don't do it for the glory, because this is not a glorious life at all. The pay leaves a lot to be desired, the ever-changing "schedules" will test your flexibility and patience to the boiling point, and the misunderstandings of living this military life will never fully be comprehended to outsiders, but somehow we manage to find the good in it all. We live for the moment he steps off the bus, and the loneliness of the nights before that day all seem to fade as soon as he does. Teaching our children that Daddy is a part of something so important that he can't be home for months at a time is one of the hardest things we will endure, but the pride we feel when they finally get it, is so joyous. Here's to you fellow Milspo, I couldn't do this without you and you mean the world to me. God holds a special place in heaven for us, I imagine it to have unlimited pedicures, mimosas, and no blue service star flags. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!