Humbling Tantrums

Nothing like feeling confident after both kids wake up from a nap to go to the grocery store, only to get inside and have your 1y/o pitch a fit and throw his shoe at a stranger...All while the 3 month old is screaming and vomits the whole contents of her last bottle down your shirt. So you reach for a burp rag that is not there and end up cleaning yourself and the infant with a spare diaper. Then when you think the calm has come, the 1 y/o starts another tantrum over a cup of cookies he's never even had before. So you give him the cookies hoping they'll let you make it to the dairy aisle. After that you beeline to the register, the cashier rings and loads you up all to find out you left your wallet in the humble you. 

Once I laid him in bed tonight and checked on him a few minutes later he was out! I guess the sugar rush and energy exhausted during the tantrum got to him. But looking at him sleep peacefully, I could not be more proud and in love with my little hellion. I complain about these terrible twos a lot, and he's not even two yet. I've got a long way to go until the tantrums subside, so until then pray for me. LOL!