Happy Easter

Easter 2014: We don't remind ourselves of God's promises enough. Yesterday was Easter and after looking at our children in their Sunday's best we simply took a moment to give The Lord the praises and thanks we often take for granted. It is no doubt that we thank God daily for our children... Their health, their innocence, their happiness, etc.. But yesterday we were able to focus on just how extra special we and our children are. Not only did Jesus promise he would die and come back for us, but also that he will live for and love us forever. It was like a wake up call... Yesterday our children's smiles and laughter were yet another testimony and reminder of His truth and promise to us. Although they don't quite understand now, I pray that Jo and AddieBree will one day realize Easter is not about the jelly beans and bunnies, but rather the magnificence, sacrifice of a love that is just for them.