Oh my goodness, this past week has been CRAZY! We've been battling wildfires in the area for days and we were even voluntary evacuated. Not having rain here in California is great, but when it gets dry and hot, it gets dangerous when we haven't had a single drop all year. That, coupled with the Santa Ana winds is just disastrous. Half of Camp Pendleton has been ablaze a week and Shannon had to evacuate his 300 Marines from their barracks. WE ARE ALL FINE, and the firefighters are starting to contain the fires to areas that don't threaten any more homes, but the smoke, ash, and chaos of it all is giving me headache. The picture on the right is of the fire behind the fence of neighborhood. Compared to others around base and throughout San Diego's North County, we got it easy. Regardless, we need a vacation, anyone else with me? I'm thinking somewhere tropical.