Blooming Bath

I registered and received the Blooming Bath for a baby shower gift and I have to say as cute as it is, I don't think it will be a necessity for us at bath time. The idea is great and the design is adorable, but I try to make Addie's bath time quick and straightforward. The Blooming Bath allows baby to sit comfortably in a sink, but because I am try not to let her soak for too long, and rather just bathe and dry her  quickly, there is really no point to set up the flower, and worse, dry the darn thing out. It is very comfortable and she enjoys sitting in it, but if y'all are quick bathers like we are, I wouldn't bother with this. For details and specs on the The Blooming Bath go to their website, linked above. Many people rave about it, but after a few weeks, I hear the same thing from other parents... it is a hassle. No complaints on the product functionality besides it takes forever to dry out and gets really heavy when wet. The best way I found to dry it out is to lay it flat in the bath tub, but it will start to stink after two baths from air drying. Once washed, the product comes out just as soft and smelling great, but again, its a haul when it is wet. I've got enough laundry to do so having to bathe a bath isn't on my favorite priority list. Ultimately, I say don't waste the money on this, unless you are okay with the extra maintenance tasks and want baby to lounge during bath time.