Boys & Their Toys

"Our houses are protected by the Good Lord and a gun, 
And you might meet 'em both if you show up here unwelcomed son."

So as I was posting pictures from my last post 'Our Work in Progres,' I hear a loud clicking noise in the background. I look up and see my husband with his guns out, with all sorts of pieces scattered across our kitchen table. Meanwhile my 9 month old looks on salivating and mimicking the clicking noise with his tongues. I couldn't help but laugh. My husband is a U.S. Marine but like any God fearing, gun loving, red blooded American he exercises his 2nd Amendment, and with the world the way it is now, I have to say so do I'm happy he does. I know this may raise eyebrows, but to each is own.

I have to say there is no better peace of mind then God & a gun. 
(Oh and it doesn't help that a cute Marine is my protector.) :)