Addie is 2 Months!

A little late, but Addie Bree is 2 Months Old! I'll say this as every month passes, but I cannot believe it has already been this long. She is already forming a little personality and is getting cuter by the second. Milestones are smiling, cooing, laughing, lots of pooping, and even more eating. She has grown since our last update! She is 10lbs and 20inches! She is in the 15-20 percentile for weight and height. We definitely have a little munchkin on our hands, but as Shakespeare once said, "though she but little, she is fierce." After getting her shots she unloaded a fierce diaper indeed. Thank you so much to our amazing God who makes each day so much more than I deserve with the children he has blessed me with.
Photo: For this child I have prayed. ❤️ 1Sam1:27